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 Заголовок сообщения: Slovenian girls, beware of Mokbil!!
 UNREAD_POST Добавлено: Четверг 21.02.2013 , 04:08 
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Mahmoud Mokbil (see photo, careful, could be using a fake name!) is the man who has not only children with different women, but is also married (take a look at his pictures on facebook, he is wearing a ring!). He is a liar and uses women!! He will do anything to get you into bed - probably has a different woman every few days.
Currently in Slovenia (mainly Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica), a few times a year also in Egypt.
If you have been intimate with him in any way check for STDs (especially herpes and syphilis) as soon as possible!
Girls, warn your friends and stay away from this man! He also uses the page prevoz.org to find new victims! (the last three digits of his phone number are (*** 290)
I am a victim myself, met him through prevoz.org!

And please don't communicate this post to Mokbil! And don't put it on facebook walls! So many women would suffer if you do that! Find other ways to spread it, please

I wish you girls all the best!!

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Список форумов » The English Corner * Английский уголок

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